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Landscape Supplies
Flower Pot — Manning Valley Landscapes in Wingham,NSW

Quality & affordable landscape supplies in Wingham


A family run business that serves Wingham, Taree, Old Bar, Krambach and surrounding areas, we provide the necessary landscaping supplies to homeowners, businesses and landscape companies.

We sell every landscaping item and accessory, including garden soil, decorative gravel, road base, aggregates, drainage materials, mulch, turf, sand, lime, river stone, compost, firewood, plants, pots, excavation materials and more!

Manning Valley Landscapes even sells chickens to homeowners who may want to have a small, sustainable farm on their property.
Pot Stand — Manning Valley Landscapes in Wingham,NSW

Gardening Supplies

Gardening enthusiasts are aware that any outdoor space is only as good as the materials used. With this in mind Manning Valley Landscapes is committed to providing the highest quality soil and sand mixes, mulch, aggregates, granite, compost and firewood throughout Wingham and surrounding areas.

Our most popular soil product is Wingham Gold, a soil mix that we make in-house. It is the best soil mix for anyone who is revamping their outdoor space. It allows for sustainable and long-term grass and plant growth, even in harsh conditions.

We also sell high-quality fertiliser, clay breaker, organic compost, potting mix, planting mix, cutting mix, turf, garden tools and other accessories to help you set up a sustainable, beautiful garden for years to come.

Manning Valley Landscapes sells gardening supplies individually and in bulk. Our primary customers are homeowners in Wingham and surrounding areas, but we also sell directly to landscape service companies.
Garden Bench — Manning Valley Landscapes in Wingham,NSW

Landscape Accessories

Our landscape accessories include channel and grate drains, treated pine slabs and wing splits, dry pressed and extruded bricks, ag pipe for drainage, hardwood pegs, firewood and more.

We have a collection of sand products, including concrete mix, coarse washed river sand, concreting sand, white brickies sand, Sydney sand and more.

If there is a particular item you need for your outdoor space or landscaping company, we are happy to put in an order. We also provide a delivery service for all supplies, which can also include an excavation and tipper hire service for an additional cost.