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Wingham plant nursery


Manning Valley Landscapes offers the largest selection of plants and flowers in Wingham and surrounding areas. We specialise in plants that are in season, with many of them grown on our property. With over 20 years of gardening experience, we sell a variety of succulents, plants, flowers and shrubs in various quantities.

Build Your Garden

If you have a rough idea of how you would like your garden to look, our landscapers and plant experts will help you get the project off the ground. We provide all the necessary garden supplies, along with expert guidance regarding planting techniques, irrigation, walkways and patios.

Our team offers a full range of landscaping services, potting plants, flowers and grass perfect for your outdoor space. We also stock a range of products that you can plant on your own from seedlings. We also have a full range of plants and flowers available at our Wingham nursery. If there is a particular flower you have in mind, we’ll try to order it for you.
Plants — Manning Valley Landscapes in Wingham,NSW

Local Plants

The beauties of living in New South Wales is that despite some harsh weather conditions, there are beautiful plants that grow through most of the year. If you are searching for local plants that can become a mainstay in your Wingham garden, look no further than our collection.

We have unique flowers such as Blue Tongue, Christmas Bells, Coast Palm Lily, Dune Fan Flower and Cliff Bottlebrush. With our stock of plants, pots, garden accessories, compost, mulch and other products, you will never have to look elsewhere to beautify your outdoor space.

Happy Natives

If you are searching for flowers to impress guests or take up a tougher spot in your yard that does not get as much sun, we can help you choose the perfect plants. The Grevillea is one such option. It does not require much care, makes for an excellent feature shrub and is very drought resistant. We have many varieties of Grevillea flowers available, and each of them would be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Short & Sweet

Sometimes you want an understated flower that does not overwhelm the area. The Grevillia Lanigera is the perfect option for those seeking such a flower. Its pink and cream flowers will stand out in the late winter and early spring, while it is very low maintenance after establishment.

We have something for everyone in our Wingham nursery. Visit us today to see the range for yourself!